In the Kaliningrad region hit by the offender of the state border of the Russian Federation

In the Kaliningrad region hit by the offender of the state border of the Russian Federation, all-weather tactical fighter McDonnell Douglas F-15C «Eagle».

  • Shot down over the Baltic NATO fighter F-15C "Eagle"
  • Shot down over the Baltic NATO fighter F-15C "Eagle"

Yesterday, the Baltic countries were held training flights of the Air Force of NATO, which was attended by aircraft with the airborne warning and control system (AWACS, Eng. AWACS) Boeing E-3, as well as aircraft of the U.S. Army C-130 «Hercules» and F -15C «Eagle». This is the seventh such training Air Force Base in Siauliai in Lithuania, which carries out the command of the NATO Allied Air Force in Ramstein (Germany).

We already know that at least one of the actors involved in the training aircraft, an American all-weather tactical fighter of the fourth generation of McDonnell Douglas F-15C «Eagle», grossly violated the air borders of the Russian Federation. Raised in the air on combat alert from the military airfield of the Baltic Fleet, "Chkalov" near Kaliningrad pair of front-line MiG-29 fighters were trying to force the offender to the landing. NATO pilot did not obey gave the command to fall, "cheerfully waving wings and turning the Furious" has tried to leave the territory of Russia and fly in international airspace.

Only then Russian pilots paid tribute to the American gay and hit-to-kill. With fighter (symbolic that on-board car number 39) under the control of Colonel Kondratova by trying to escape an attacker were launched guided missile RVV-AE class "air-to-air." Fragments of a downed NATO aircraft fell into the Baltic Sea near the town of Baltiysk Kaliningrad region. Pilot a fighter pilot managed to eject and was picked up by the sailors of the Baltic Fleet patrol ship "Yaroslav the Wise." Now his life is not in danger, investigators are working with him military governor and the investigation department of the FSB Russia.

In this case, the Lithuanian side, with the filing of Americans insisted that the plane was in international airspace. On Friday, June 29, at the request of Lithuania NATO is holding a special meeting on the incident.

NATO’s senior management also responded to the incident about this with reference to the Ministry of Defense said, "Lithuanian Courier". "Russia’s actions are unacceptable. NATO condemns them in the strongest — said NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO — in solidarity with the leadership of the Republic of Lithuania. We continue to monitor the situation closely with a downed plane and with great concern — said Rasmussen. — Our thoughts are with the pilot, his family and loved ones. "

Something often have to shoot down all over the world, "did not violate" NATO planes. It makes you want to cry like a hero Anatoly Papanova in the movie "Beware of the Car" — "You posodyut, and you do not steal!". However, in this story, there is one important benefit: now the U.S. will have no choice but to exchange a downed pilot for Viktor Bout, who is serving a sentence in New York.

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