In the Kaliningrad region increased acreage of corn

The volume of sowing spring crops to corn for grain this year, equal to the area under wheat. Most of Kaliningrad farmers completed sowing of spring. 55.15 thousand hectares planted. Agriculture Minister Vladimir region Zarudny noted that in the past year in the area under spring crops was 48.97 thousand hectares.

According to him, this year’s first spring crops of corn equaled the footprint with spring crops of wheat and totaled about 14 thousand hectares. "This trend shows the growing needs of the animal. Today, hybrid seed can grow resistant corn for grain, "- said Vladimir Zarudny. For example, the transition Guriev poultry on corn-soy diet with wheat led to increased production of eggs per hen and reduce the cost of a dozen eggs, he said. According to last year, the yield of grain maize was 85 kg / ha.

In addition, Zarudny noted that winter grain preserved in all areas. Written off only 200 hectares of winter rape crops, poorly wintered.

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