In the Kaluga region g.Suhinichi opened garment factory

Ltd. "Sukhinichsky garment manufactory", the fourth in the complex sewing township enterprises Seredeysky and sixth sewing company in the area Suhinicheskom.

Construction of the factory began in April 2011 on the basis of the former radiolampovogo plant. Were completely dismantled the old industrial sites and new reconstructed: the shop sewing trousers, warehouse cut and finished products, an administrative building. Laid and commissioned a central sewer, gas, electric networks, and for building heating installed modular automatic gas boiler. 

Ltd. "Sukhinichsky garment manufactory" specializes in sewing men’s pants, production capacity of 570-600 units per shift will bring this figure up to 650 units per shift. The number of employees in the enterprise today is about 80 people and is scheduled to increase to 90 people. The enterprise, work continues on the landscaping company, and she is almost 2 acres, repair of production facilities, which may appear one more shop tailoring.

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