In the Kaluga region summed up the work in animal husbandry in January-April of this year

According to the latest results of agricultural enterprises in the whole region in January-April of this year, characterized by the rise in rates.  
In the field of agricultural enterprises for the period was cattle and poultry for slaughter in live weight of 24,600 tons, 2,700 tons, or 12% more than the corresponding period in 2012. The main increase in output achieved through poultry. Produced 57,800 tons of milk, milk yield from one cow was 1,482 kg. The highest milk yield of cows during this period obtained by: Maloyaroslavetsky in the area — 2168 kg plus 200 kg over the same period last year, Medynskomrayone-2075 kg, Zhukovsky near-1848 kg, MO Kaluga-1681 kg -1626 kg Ferzikovsky area , Kozelsk district-1514 kg, plus 21 kg, Hvastovichskom-1508 kg, plus 10 kg.

As of May 1, the number of cattle totaled 115,800 head, up 700 head more than in 2012, including cows — 46.7 thousand. In general, the dynamics on the number of livestock has improved.

In April, the offspring received more than last year. Increased the number of cattle and cows in agricultural Dzerzhinsky Babyninsky, Zhukovsky, Meshchovsk, Mosalskiy, Sukhinichsky and a number of other areas.

During the summer-grazing period agricultural organizations plan to ensure the growth of livestock production, to obtain from each cow in the middle of the area for at least 2300-2350 kg, 50-100 kg more than the corresponding period of 2012, and on the milk yield per cow per 2013 for the whole of 4800 kg reach the milestone.

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