In the Kama was launched on the fifth power Yaivinskaya TPP

September 21. In the village. Yaiva Perm region had ceremonial start of Unit — 400 MW CCGT power plant at Yaivinskaya.


The installed capacity of power plant Yaivinskaya increased from 600 to 1000 MW. Especially for the power of the new CCGT power plant Yaivinskaya to the 220 kV North was built 220 kV line length of 13.3 km.


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Construction of new facilities is very important for energy-deficient Bereznikovsko-Solikamsky site where large industrial enterprises. With the commissioning of the new unit will increase the reliability of electricity and will be able to deliver more electricity to the neighboring Sverdlovsk region.
The event was attended by the governor Oleg Chirkunov, Chairman of the Board of Directors’ E.ON Russia "Sergei Tazin, CEO Yuri Sablukov etc.


Mode power supply for enterprises Bereznikovsko-Solikamsky site had to be changed when the electricity supply to the planned renovations. These experts were prepared in advance of the Perm regional dispatching to avoid any accidents (RDU operates power facilities in the region). With the launch of the new power of these problems disappeared.


— It is very important that in the north of Perm region there is an additional generation. It is planned to introduce new production capacity, including the construction of mines for the extraction of potash. The new unit — it’s a good step forward to ensure the reliability of electricity — said Oleg Chirkunov.

Fifth unit at Yaivinskaya power plant built in less than 3 years, he produces electricity to the national grid Russia. Combined cycle gas turbine is based on modern energy technologies and in compliance with international standards. This project is based on three principles: sustainability, efficiency, and reliability. Environmentally friendly new facility is due to significantly lower NOx and CO2. Economical power — is a high efficiency (56.6%), significantly higher than the efficiency of most existing units in Russia.

PGU-400 has considerable maneuverability, allowing you to adjust the power output to the needs of the power system. Interestingly another advantage: the lower the temperature outside, the more electricity is produced by power generation. This is very important, because it is low-temperature energy consumption increases.

— Perm region, like the rest of the Urals, is developing steadily and in order to ensure its further development, we have built a new power plant. The region provides incentives for investors, here is one of the lowest property taxes, low income tax. We know that the new capacity will be needed, and the project completed even a month ahead of time — said the chairman of the Board of Directors’ E.ON Russia "Sergei Tazin.


The fifth unit is practically a new power in the Yaivinskaya TPP. The volume of investments of JSC "E.ON Russia" in the construction of the project amounted to 16.6 billion rubles.


JSC "E.ON Russia" was registered March 4, 2005 in Surgut. 78.3% of shares of "E.ON Russia" belongs to E.ON Russia Holding GmbH — a 100 percent subsidiary of the international energy group E.ON AG. The structure of "E.ON Russia" has five thermal power stations with a total capacity of 10,295 MW, including Surgut GRES-2, Berezovskaya GRES Shatura GRES, Smolenskaya GRES and Yayvinskaya TPP.

Yayvinskaya power plant was built in 1963. The station plays an important role in ensuring reliable power supply such a large edge enterprises as JSC "Uralkali", "Silvinit", JSC "Avisma", JSC "Solikamskbumprom", Sverdlovsk Railway, as well as the social sphere of cities and towns Verkhnekamye. Main fuel — natural gas, the installed capacity — 1000 MW. Electricity production in 2010 was 3.8 billion kWh, the production of heat — 104 Gcal.


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