In the Kamchatka region produced 2,000,000 chum salmon fry into the river Paratunka

On Paratunski experimental salmon hatchery held compensation issue juvenile chum salmon. In the creek Trident, which flows into the river Paratunka was released more than two million young salmon. In 3-4 years the fry will return home to his native river salmon adults, reported FGBU "Sevvostrybvod."

Release of juvenile chum salmon was done by means of the gas industry and electronic communications paid to the government as compensation for the aquatic biological resources of Kamchatka damage.

Yelizovsky area is the only area of Kamchatka, which are the state-owned hatcheries FGBU "Sevvostrybvod." Of all of these plants on the peninsula 4. Each year, plants in the state assignment is produced in the Kamchatka river tens of millions of salmon fry grown in plant incubators.

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