In the Karelian Minoyla river trout yearlings released 19000

In order to replenish stocks of fish in fish ponds under the supervision of specialists from Northwest Territorial Administration (SZTU) Rosrybolovstva October 1, 2012 edition produced 19,000 units year-old fish trout in the river Minoyla of the Republic of Karelia. This type of fish is in the Red Book of the Russian Federation.

Juveniles trout grown at the expense of compensation funds of economic entities, whose activities are detrimental to aquatic biological resources. The damage was done, LLC NPP "SHELF" MP "UVKH", "Baltic Nonmetallic Company", LLC "Yawara-Neva", LLC "RATIBOR" Company "Petroc", "Industry and construction company" in the voluntary and compensated order.

 In fact, to grow a fish takes about 60 rubles. Thus, the approximate value of issued two-year birds — more than ten million rubles. With modern methods of cultivation of the fish survival rate is very high and can reach 90%.

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