In the Kaspersky Lab is calculated to take third place world ranking

In the world there is no country, no matter where used products of this Russian company. Software "Kaspersky Lab" reserved 300 million computers and an average every second user activates four antivirus. 2010 figures have not counted, but at the Laboratory are hoping that the company has for the first time in the history of the world take third place ranking among the manufacturers of protective programs.

Struggle "Kaspersky Lab" with viruses displayed on two screens, and it’s almost a blockbuster in real time. Simple objects reveals a special system, those more complex — "woodpeckers", as they call these programmers. They reveal viruses and process them. On the day of the so-detected tens of thousands of malicious programs. Specialists say that a year ago viruses were an order of magnitude smaller. "Usually the virus is more likely somewhere in the autumn and summer on Wednesdays, and least of all — the Chinese New Year. It appears, from China is more than just this stuff, "- said the expert of the company.

Asian viruses are often password-stealing computer games, Brazilian specialize in access to bank data, Russian — on fraudulent malware. In the U.S., the main goal — the spread of spam and fake antiviruses. This is how a month ago she was attacked by "Kaspersky Lab". Hackers broke into the American company’s server, and in three hours the resource directing users to dangerous sites. Under the guise of protecting the programs they offer to download malware. Viral analyst "Kaspersky Lab" Ivan Tatarinov said: "These attacks are preparing for a long time, many computers are infected, and then in a while" W "begins an attack on the server. And the main thing — to quickly find what we did. "

Representation "Laboratory" opened in 28 countries, and more recently they have appeared in Latvia, Portugal and South Africa. Ironically, it was Africa for high-tech companies are now — a region of special attention. Managing Director of the company "Kaspersky Lab" in the countries of the CIS, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, Garry Kondakov said: "Africa is growing rapidly, there is a very big opportunity. And now the right time to take the lead. We have this opportunity to try not to miss. "

Expect to take positions in the first place, by improving their technology. This year, the program appeared very unexpected function. For example, the module "Parental Control" allows adults to limit the time of the child using the computer and deny him access to some sites.

And products for mobile devices are now able to address not only viruses, but also to human curiosity. Now they are able to hide from prying SMS-messages and contacts in the mobile phone.

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