In the Kemerovo region are III Vsekuzbasskie rural sports

August 17 in the village of Zelenogorskii Krapivinsk District III opened Vsekuzbasskie rural sports. They will be attended by more than 600 athletes from all 18 municipal districts.

The program includes a mini-football, volleyball, chess, tug of war, athletics, weight lifting competitions and sporting events families. In addition, the planned competitions mowers, machine operators and milkers. At the initiative of the home games program is complemented by the roller ski relay race in new sports complex.

The complex area of 3.78 hectares. It includes football, volleyball, basketball field, gym complex and three roller trail length 1360 m, 2000 m and 3000 m

  • Provincial roller ski complex
  • Provincial roller ski complex

The area team which will take the first place will be awarded one million rubles intended for arrangement of sports facilities on its territory.

This year the team of the Kemerovo region for the first time took part in All-Russian Summer Rural Sport Games, held in July in Cheboksary.


On the eve of the village of the district on Kabanov Krapivinsk the renovated Hippodrome kicked off the annual equestrian competition. In the speed and professionalism of the competing representatives from 14 districts of the Kuzbass.

Reconstruction of the race course was held in the shortest possible time — in two months. Now a modern running track (circle 1200 meters) complies with the rules and requirements of the equestrian competitions nationwide level.

Erected a viewing stand for 400 seats, stables for 200 seats, unloading areas for horses, thorough electrification facilities. Equipped toilets.

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