In the Kemerovo region has opened a new processing plant and a record annual production of coal

Today, for the first time in the history of the Kuzbass miners have extracted 200 millionth ton of coal from the beginning of the year. 200 million tons of coal — is the same as the country’s major coal mined, for example, Germany.

Produced a commemorative ton of coal from the "Chernigovets." This is one of the oldest coal companies in the region (since 1965), which produces thermal and coking coal is the most valuable brands. Also, it is an enterprise with advanced technology and high quality production. In just the last three years (2010-2012) for the modernization of the production cut directed more than 6.5 billion rubles.

Think about the quality of the company and products. Thus, the processing factory built "Chernigov-Coke." Its processing capacity — 4.5 million tons of coal a year.

The technological process here is to control the complex automated control system. This will allow the dispatcher to see each stage of enrichment and to correct his situation. In addition, the factory designed so that the load on the environment is minimal. This will create 519 new jobs with a decent salary (average — 30 thousand rubles).

In the construction and furnishing holding "SDS" (Siberian Business Union) has invested 5.7 billion rubles. Feature factory that it will at once simultaneously two lines: one is enriched coking coal, on the other — energy. And the rich will be all the coal, even the small (up to 13 mm) and high-ash (21%), the so-called drop-outs, which was shipped earlier without processing enterprises of power. And it’s more than 1.5 million tons per year. Now that a decent amount of screening will receive a high quality product with an ash content of less than 9%. This angle is always in demand, especially foreign customers.

Double win for the company: the higher price and savings on rail transport (up to 9,000 wagons per year). With the commissioning of a new concentrator to "Chernigov" was created by a single complex: coal will be produced on the cut, and then enrich the processing plant and immediately sent to customers both domestically and for export.

All in all, the Kuzbass 37 concentrators, which processed 70% of the coal.

Contribute to the development of the sector huge investments. Only in the last 10 years in the development of the Kuzbass coal industry invested 455 billion rubles in the region built 51 high-performance business of mining and processing of coal. Within signed in January 2012 in the Kuzbass Putin long-term program of development of coal industry in Russia up to 2030 Kuzbass built in the current year, three modern coal enterprises, including PF "Chernigov-Coke."

Modernization of coal enterprises in the region. For these purposes in 2012 allocated 70% of all investment in the industry, and it is 58 billion rubles (total fixed assets of coal companies invested 83 billion rubles).

As a result of measures taken since 2003, labor productivity in the Kuzbass coal industry increased by 1.5 times and this year has reached the industry average of 205 tonnes per month. A new section on "May Day" labor productivity is already close to world standards — 761 ton per person per month (at average rates in the world — 800 tons).

Most importantly, through the introduction of new high technology of methane-derived and traumatic faces nearly 50,000 miners (in 1987 worked under 148 thousand, in 2003 — 130 thousand, in 2012 — 79.2 thousand people). The number of traumatic faces since 2003 has decreased by 20% (2003 — 81 2012 — 67). As a result of joint work on the development of Kuzbass coal industry for the first time came to the figure of 60% of Russia’s total coal production and 75% — the most valuable coking.

In the coming year of coal miners should be put into operation six modern mining and processing of coal: the three mines ("Butovskaya" in Kemerovo, "Erunakovskaja-8" in Novokuznetsk area shahtoupravlenie "Karagaylinskoye" Kiselevsk) and three processing plants (RP mine them. Kirov in Leninsk-Kuznetsk, the second phase of PF "Cascade" in Prokopyevsky area and PF "Karagaily" Kiselevsk). In this case, the further growth of coal has to go to a new level, special attention should be paid to miners’ safety and environmental protection.

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