In the Kemerovo region have developed a nano-additive for concrete

Road builders and scientists of the Kemerovo region have jointly developed a nano-additive for concrete. It was presented at the Kuzbass international coal forum, which takes place in Kemerovo from 8 to 11 October. This was reported today Fellow of the Institute of Coal Chemistry and Chemical Materials Science Alexander Samaria.

According to him, the first projects with an improved concrete can be seen within one to two years. Use of 0.01% additive by weight of cement structures allow to increase the strength by 20-25%. It can be used in housing and road construction, as well as in the construction of buildings with high performance — bridges, water utilities.

Such additive — nano-carbon material KEMERIT (Named after the capital of mining region — the city of Kemerovo) — can be created from both the coal and the products of large-tonnage chemistry, said the scientist.

Development of Coal and coal production from new products — one of the priorities of the industry. According to experts, the coal can produce 130 kinds of chemical intermediates and more than 5,000 kinds of products related industries.

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