In the Kemerovo region is building Breeding Center

Agricultural holding "Kuzbass" Krapivinsk district is building a new breeding complex for 400 head of cattle.

In the spring construction team began the construction of the walls of the new complex. They are made of brick two feet in width. Part of the walls are plastered. Now workers pour concrete mix technology passages and feed tables. After that, workers will begin installation of the roof. It will make the new technology — ready-combined.
The central part of the roof along the entire room will be almost transparent. It is made out of polycarbonate — a modern material that is used for greenhouses. Thanks to this innovation in the livestock complex will have more natural light, as this will save a lot of energy. The rest of the roof insulate and close the steel sheets. In this case, will be mounted ventilation — both natural and forced. With this system in the room will always be warm and dry.

At present, there are already built a special utility space in which to shower room with modern facilities and a warm bath, two separate dressing rooms, laundry facilities and rooms for veterinarians and other professionals.
In addition to the new animal farm made two large outbuildings, one of which would become the dairy shop.

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