In the Kemerovo region opened after reconstruction social facilities

The village Elykaevo Kemerovo region opened two important social object: a new catering department in a secondary school and reconstructed local hospital.

Elykaevskaya School — the largest in the region (at 432 seats), her pupils from nine localities, as well as students of a local children‘s home "KOLOSOK." Now that students have the opportunity to receive high-quality and tasty hot meals. New nutrition unit is equipped with modern equipment, labor chefs are automated. Installed special equipment to prepare meals for a couple. The cost of building and equipping nutrition unit was 14.8 million. 

This year, in the Kemerovo region efficiently and in a timely overhauled and launched six school canteens (Arsentevskaya, Beregovskikh, Elykaevskaya (today), Zvezdnenskaya, Metallploschadskaya and Shcheglovskaya). And in Mazurovskii school in order to feed school children, build a new dining hall. 

Also, after the reconstruction of the open Elykaevskaya local hospital. Building — more than 60 years, while working hard it actually was dilapidated and in disrepair. In addition, treatment room serving the overall flow of children and adults. The hospital did not even have emergency exits in case of an emergency.
In the office of the ECG set-art telekardiograf — at the level of the country’s most modern hospitals. All data from a telephone connected to a patient in Elykaevo can be transmitted digitally in Kemerovo cardiologist Central Hospital. As long as the transfer of information, supported by mobile communication, and, if necessary, immediately you can get expert advice from the regional center. 
For the dental office, in addition to stationary, bought a mobile unit, and now dentists will be able to travel to remote villages in the area and places to help the villagers. 
In young villagers had my own clinic. In the children’s section highlighted procedural and vaccination treatments. Open cabinet healthy child, where new mothers will receive all necessary advice on the care of the kids. A special playroom where kids entertaining wait for their turn to receive. 
Taken care of the safety of patients — in a building set fire alarm system and video surveillance. 

Overhaul and equipping hospitals have cost 31 million rubles. And the extensive work carried out in six months. 

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