In the Kemerovo regional center opened judo Kuzbass

The new sports facility built in Komsomolsk park with volleyball, "Arena." Construction of the center has been pending for eight months (first pile scored 23 May 2011). The area of new sports facility — 2800 m. meters. Its construction has been invested more than 160 million rubles.

Regional Judo Center meets all modern requirements for conducting national and international competitions.

The largest space center — sports hall for judo, with stands for spectators, for up to 450 people. Every day more than 500 young and experienced athletes can improve their skills at four tatami. At the heart of judo has five locker rooms (equipped with showers and bathrooms for 200 athletes), fitness room, equipped with all necessary equipment, fitness equipment, specially selected for training wrestlers. Additionally, there are facilities for the judiciary and the coaching staff, the room to cater for athletes and others

The center has all the equipment needed by the live broadcast on federal channels and the Internet. A new sports facility adapted for people with disabilities, it is equipped with ramps for wheelchair access, special elevator with a wide doorway.

The Regional Centre for judo Kuzbass established within the Kuzbass development project judo, which is being implemented in the region since 2011 with the support of the president of the holding company "Siberian Business Union" M.Yu.Fedyaeva, State Duma deputy V.G.Gridina and regional authorities .

It is planned that this year the Regional Centre for Judo will host the Russian Judo Championship among adults as well as regional tournaments will take in martial arts.

For the record: in the Kemerovo Region 21 Children and Youth Sports School of Judo develops in 9 cities and 12 towns. Operates 84 coaches in judo in 40 sports halls. Number of counter judo is about 5 million people, of which nearly 3 million children under the age of 16 years.

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