In the Kemerovo regional perinatal center opened


In Kemerovo December 14, 2010 was held in the delivery of a working operation of the regional perinatal center. Kuzbass was among 22 regions in which it was decided to construct health facilities.

In addition to the center in Kemerovo, perinatal centers were opened in Tver, Kaliningrad, Irkutsk, Rostov

At the site visited Governor Aman Tuleyev. He inspected the facilities and equipment for infants, met with the builders, management and medical staff the center, — the press-service of administration of the Kemerovo region.

The governor noted that the Kuzbass was among the 22 regions in which it was decided to build such centers for mothers and babies. By now, — 4 centers (Tver, Kaliningrad, Irkutsk, Rostov). And today opened the fifth in Russia.

It was built two years on an individual project. During that time, had done enormous work: erected a giant complex of 24,000 square meters.

This created a vicious cycle: from watching expectant mothers who need special care to nursing infants. You will be able to nurse premature infants weighing between 500 grams — it has all the conditions. In the center — 8 operating rooms and 14 individual delivery rooms.

The new perinatal center is located in the same area with the regional clinical hospital. On the one hand — this will avoid duplication of services (laboratories, catering department, laundry). On the other hand — a powerful diagnostic facilities and experienced experts of the regional hospital will significantly improve the quality of care for mothers and newborns.

To work at the center in addition to the staff of the regional hospital doctors trained 22 doctors — specialists. In addition, on the basis of the perinatal center will start training center for training obstetric profile. To work in the training center has trained 24 teachers from Kemerovo Medical Academy staff and highly skilled practitioners of the field. Director of the Centre appointed Vladimir Shang Xing, deputy director of obstetric care — Natalia Kolesnikova.

As the governor said, the center will work within 3 years of the next few years to reduce the maternal mortality rate in the Kuzbass region of 10%, the infant mortality rate — 3%.

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