In the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area is open bridge across the river Agan

Oct. 27, 10 months earlier than originally planned in the Rainbow opened a new road bridge over the river of Agan. The bridge was built as part of the project "New ways of Ugra".

Initially, the construction schedule shall provide for the delivery of the bridge in July 2012, but taking into account the enormous need for a bridge to the normal life of the city, the municipality and builders set out to finish the job ahead of schedule and determined the date of the completion of the pre-October 2011. And now, to the great delight of the townspeople promised opening of the bridge has come to pass in due time!

The new three-span bridge with two sidewalks will surpass the old design dimensions, length — 128 meters, the total width — 15. The bridge is made in accordance with modern requirements.  

The opening ceremony was attended by deputies of the Duma, representatives from the capital construction, the leaders of the city municipal utilities. The participants of the solemn event turned the head of the city administration Sergey Baskakov, "The builders worked really accelerated pace in two shifts. Many thanks to them for that! This beautiful bridge we built the experts Territorial Company "Mostootryad 95" branch of JSC "Mostostroy11" Head Shkut Yuri Ivanovich.

I would like to say a special word of thanks from the residents of the city government of Yugra Governor Natalia Komarova. Our bridge was built as part of the party of the "New ways of Ugra" and only due to the timely funding we were able to pass it, as planned. This is a big win for us and a great joy for all the citizens. "

At 9:15, after the opening ceremony of the traffic on the bridge is open on a permanent basis. Thus, the city "will go down in the winter" with the new bridge and the lack of transport problem, which is now in the past.

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