In the Kherson State Maritime Academy opened a new training complex


8 October 2011. in the school opened a modern training complex and publishing complex with printing capabilities.
The cockpit simulator equipped with ultra-modern monitors, students can learn to manage cargo crane, and save people from the sunken vessel. These and other wonders of technology and provided an international shipping company. The company "Marlow Navigation", whose delegation arrived at the opening, took a great interest in technical support Kherson Naval Academy.
Foreigners say, appreciate the Ukrainian sailor for a good theoretical background. But from a practical decided to help.
"Ukraine, Russia and other former Soviet countries have an excellent academic education system, which in many ways ahead of the European one. We look forward to working with the Ukrainian sailors, "- said the head of" Marlow Navigation »Herman Eden.
On meroppriyatii also attended the German state fund investment and development, the Swedish Club Academy, "Global Cargo Keara" etc.

Help. During the 170 years of Kherson maritime education reorganize eight times and proyshlo way of a second-class marine classes to Kherson State Maritime Academy. Today HGMA — higher educational institution which prepares highly skilled maritime and river transport, carries out large-scale research work which provides modernization of Ukrainian fleet and its coastal infrastructure to the world.

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