In the Kiev subway began testing the prototype of the metro

In the Kiev subway began testing the prototype of the metro with asynchronous traction drive Kryukov Railcar on new trucks with pneumatic spring suspension model 68-7054, the press service of the PAO "Kryukov Wagon Works." According to them, on September 25 in Kiev during a meeting of the International Association "Metro" will be presented prototype of the subway.

"Kryukov subway train on trolleys model 68-797 with asynchronous traction drive already passed all the tests in the Kiev subway, and March 20, 2012 inter-ministerial committee gave permission for production of these products. Now, putting on makeup trolley with pneumatic spring suspension, we have a new product. And to obtain the permission of the interdepartmental commission for its mass production of a subway train must again go through all the stages of testing, "- said in a statement.

The press service added that the new truck will provide an increased level of comfort for passengers underground. "Ride, improved motor control, the use of electrodynamic braking, thanks to which will avoid nasty falls under braking and in the beginning of the movement — the main advantages of the new carts. And the use of asynchronous drive provides energy savings. Especially it becomes tangible and meaningful when the park will be underground for more than half consist of such trains, "- said in a statement.

 Krukiv takes part in the International Exhibition of rail transport "InnoTrans 2012", which takes place in Berlin from 18 to 21 September 2012. The press-service of the company. According to them, the stand KVSZ presents a new production company in the field of passenger and freight car building. The highlight of the exhibition — two-system high-speed inter-regional train.

"Yesterday, September 18, Pavilion KVSZ visited Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Borys Kolesnikov and CEO of Ukrainian Railways Vladimir Kozak. In an interview for Channel ІSTV that Boris V. given directly to the pavilion KVSZ, he spoke of the intention to continue to give preference to inter-regional trains to domestic production, because production of Ukrainian Engineering none the worse for imported products. "From now on imported trains to Ukraine the path is closed, — he said. — In October, Kryukov train finished testing, and then decide how to put them back on track. To upgrade the railway, Ukraine needs another 120 trains and 350 trains. " President of PJSC "KVSZ" Vladimir Prikhodko said that the first inter-regional trains for the route Kyiv-Kharkiv Kryukovsky car did back in 2002. They paid off in 3 years at the low prices of the tickets, while the standard payback period of 6-8 years of this technique. This means that the production of low-cost domestic producers and to acquire its railways is very profitable, "- said in a statement.

The exhibition "InnoTrans" world novelty demonstrates the rail. It has become a meeting of ministers and CEOs railways, big businessmen, manufacturers and buyers of transport from around the world and has a high political profile. This year, there are 2.5 thousand companies. On a railway track length of 3,500 meters housed 140 world novelties rail.

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