In the Kirov have mastered the use of nanotechnology in water treatment

Fertilizer plant Kirov-Chepetsk Chemical Combine. The first stage reverse osmosis system


"Plant fertilizers Kirov-Chepetsk Chemical Works" (MFP KCCW) a delegation of technical experts combined heat and power Kirov branch of JSC "TGC-5". The purpose of the visit was to get acquainted with the use of nanotechnology in the enterprise.

KCCW MFP — the only company in Russia, which applies in this scale membrane technology in water treatment. During the visit, the guests got acquainted water treatment plant with equipment installations ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, continuous adsorption on ion-exchange resins, each of which is unique.

Staff workshop introduced the guests to the methods of reference and control system of the process and condition of the equipment. The plant specialists shared their experience in achieving sustainable and zero waste.

Head of the Department of water chemistry and water treatment Kirov branch of JSC "TGC-5" Marina Ovchinnikov noted: "From a visit to the factory, we still have only positive impressions. In the workshop of water treatment we met with high-tech equipment, automated control system. Business professionals interested in the experience of adaptation to the conditions of operation of the plant shop. Impressed by the fact that the plant is a prerequisite for the choice of technologies for water was to reduce the impact on the environment. The introduction of membrane technology solves this problem perfectly. From our side, it was important to evaluate the possibility of application of membrane technology in water treatment thermal power station, as well as for wastewater treatment. We hope that our cooperation with the department of water treatment MFP will continue ".


December 11, 2008 JSC "Plant fertilizers Kirov-Chepetsk Chemical Plant" (KCCW MFP) has been awarded the title of laureate of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment ‘Best Environmental Project of the Year — 2008 "for the project" System of environmentally efficient investment decisions based on the application Membrane technology in the reconstruction of water treatment systems.

Company JSC "SPC Mediana-Filter" was the designer, manufacturer and supplier of equipment to upgrade the water treatment plant in the MFP KCCW block Ultrafiltration, a total capacity of up to 960 m3/ H and block RO, a total capacity of up to 600 m3/ Hr


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