In the Kirov region began construction of a biomedical complex NANOlek

July 26, 2012 the company "NANOlek" announced the construction of modern biotechnology complex in Kirov region Orichevsk area.

 Construction site of biotechnology complex

  • so complex should look like in 2 years

Biomedical complex "NANOlek" will provide the complete cycle of development and production of drugs for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of socially significant diseases of the modern world, such as cardiovascular, oncology, endocrinology, infectious diseases of the nervous system and digestive system. 

The ceremony began construction biomedical complex "NANOlek" in the village Levinta Orichevsk area attended the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh, RUSNANO Project Manager Roman A. Sychev, General Director of LLC "NANOlek" Mikhail Nekrasov.

"The beginning of construction was preceded by extensive work associated with the development of the project, its agreement, the choice of the site — said, giving presentations of the project, MS Nekrasov. — It would not be possible without the support of the federal agencies and the Regional Government headed by the Governor. It was the position of regional authorities, plus the existence of the Kirov region biotechnology complex with a strong scientific school is allowed to proceed to the real development of this project. "

The output should begin by the end of 2014, and by 2017 the turnover of drugs should be 10 billion rubley.Obraschayas to the audience, Nikita Belykh stressed that the complex is not a local project, and the anchor element in the development of regional biotechnology cluster, where the actual production works in close collaboration with science. The complex, whose construction begins, and pharmaceutical industries, allow us to say do extensive work on the development of biotechnology in the Kirov region.

"The beginning of today’s construction was the result is indeed very intense preparatory work that was going on over a half to two years — said Nikita Y.. — For the successful implementation of the regional government also takes a serious commitment — to develop the road infrastructure and engineering. "

R.A.Sychev called it the most important event for the pharmaceutical industry in Russia, said encouragement and support to the project by the Government of the region, noting that in the future will be RUSNANO with great attention will relate to the Kirov region as a potential implementor of new projects.

Nikita Belykh with RA Sychev and MS Nekrasov signed a petition, which in a special capsule was laid in the foundation stone.

  • Nikita Belykh with RA Sychev and MS Nekrasov signed a petition, which in a special capsule was laid in the foundation stone

Nikita Belykh with RA Sychev and MS Nekrasov signed a petition, which in a special capsule was laid in the foundation stone

Responding to reporters’ questions about whether there is enough local specialists or have to attract them from other regions, M.S.Nekrasov stressed that one of the reasons for the choice of the project of the Kirov region was the fact that there is such a strong university as Vyatka State University and the Kirov Academy of Medicine, which just prepare all the necessary specialists.

"Kirov region chosen for the construction of chance, — said M.S.Nekrasov. — This region is rapidly developing in the field of biotechnology. There will be launched Federal State Institution "Russian Medical Research and Production Center" Rosplazma "of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency," which will in deep processing of blood and placed the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Scientific-Production Center "Farmzaschita" FMBA, which produces anti-radiation drugs. Among these enterprises Biotechnological complex "NANOlek" will take its place. It is also important to note the fact that the Vyatka State University is ready to provide the company highly qualified. "


  • Layout biotechnology complex "NANOlek"

Layout biotechnology complex "NANOlek"


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The participants of the project — a group of companies "Epidbiomed", JSC "RUSNANO". RUSNANO project is implemented (49 percent.) And ZAO GK "Epidbiomed" (51 percent.). The total investment cost of the project: 4,095,000,000 rubles. Capital investment in the project 3,712,000,000 rubles. The project team consists of specialists in the creation and launch of pharmaceutical manufacture by the standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), as well as members of the leading research institutions.

The priority of the complex, to be commissioned in 2014, is the development and production of innovative biological products for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, immunological and other socially significant diseases.

We plan to create an integrated pharmaceutical manufacturing innovative vaccines and pharmaceuticals based on a fundamentally new technology platform, involving the use of nanotechnology and nanomaterials to improve the well-known and developed drugs. For the production release planned three groups of products in the form of finished dosage forms of the target areas of the project (nanovaccines (A) organogels (B) and improved medicines with the addition of silicon nanocarriers (B).


A tablet formulations

The project is supposed to create tablets with controlled drug release formulations for the treatment of cardiovascular, neurological and psychiatric diseases.

In order to improve the therapeutic properties of the technology of sorbing active substance in nanostructured porous silicon particles ranging in size from a few to several tens of micrometers.

Unique by world standards technology allows silicon particles with a pore diameter of from three to several tens of nanometers. The optimum pore size is selected depending on the active substance and the desired rate of its desobrtsii (release) during passage through the gastrointestinal tract.


Production of vaccines against influenza, modified immunological adjuvant nanoscale. Designed of synthetic adjuvant adsorbs on their surface antigens and binds to the immune cells in the body. Because the responder cells are more responsive to the structure and the structure of a certain size, there is enhancement of the immune response while reducing the antigenic load on the human body.


Nanostructures lecithin micelles comprising organogels carry biologically active substances in high concentrations and thus accelerate their transdermal transport. Lecithin micelles are more stable than liposomes and other alternative transdermal transport system.

On the basis of organogels planned to produce for external application: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs and antihistamines, heparin-containing medications.

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