In the Kirov region build homes for young professionals

In villages and Filippovo Karinka Kirov-Chepetskiy district of the Kirov region is building homes for young professionals in the framework of the tripartite agreement, which provided, inter alia, the pilot projects of integrated compact construction of rural settlements.

Construction Ltd. is "Absolut-Agro". The total area of the second stage — more than 2.7 thousand square meters, including 18 homes will be put into operation in a. Philippi, 27 — in karinka.

New homes rented to tenants with interior design and engineering equipment, ie construction is "turnkey". In-built homes are equipped with modern plastic glazing, gas fired boilers, the houses have a convenient layout.

To date estimated cost of the projects is 259 million rubles, of which 210 million — co-financing of federal, 49 million — from the regional budgets.

The program of pilot projects and federal program "Social development of village till 2012" involve the construction of houses for young families and young professionals, engineering preparation of building sites for housing developments, improvement of housing, construction (reconstruction) of social and cultural facilities.

As the head of the Kirov district VG-Chepetskiy Volokytin, today the first phase of the pilot project is completed, but due to lack of funds, mainly due to missing until the federal co-financing, the projects were not implemented the reconstruction of many objects, including kindergartens and schools.

For permanent residence in Filippovskaya Mokretsovskoe and rural communities from other parts of the Kirov region and other regions of the Russian Federation have moved dozens of young professionals with families (from 2006 to 2012. — 81 people), and Filippovo karinka a trend towards improvement of the demographic situation.

To create a favorable social conditions of residence of highly qualified specialists and their families need to continue reconstruction of public infrastructure, cultural and sporting areas, the improvement of the villages (roads and sidewalks, street lighting device).

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