In the Kirov region opened the fifth Vascular Center

New Vascular Center is organized on the basis of Vyatskopolyansky central hospital. It is designed for 12 beds cardiology, 12 beds and neurological intensive care unit on 9 beds.

Under the federal program in the vasculature of the Kirov region about two years ago opened three primary vascular center (the cities of Kirov, Sovietsk, Sloboda) and one regional-based Kirov Regional Hospital.

Vascular Center in Vyatskie Glades opened further as part of the state program of development of the region’s health up to 2020, so that high-quality specialized care for heart attack and stroke was the most accessible to people in remote southern regions.

How to tell the doctors Vyatskopolyansky CRH, with the appearance of vascular center of innovation appeared in the emergency room: a fragmented system of providing emergency medical care that existed before the legal merger of the health care area, today brought together in a single service. Any patient, dial 03, falls to the central office in Vyatskie Meadows. Here, the expert defines the required level of assistance required and directs team: intensive care, medical or paramedic. All patients with heart attacks and strokes fall into the vascular center. It is located in the building of the hospital, where diagnostic facilities are concentrated around the clock works a CT scanner.

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