In the Kirov region, the first stage of construction of biotechnological complex


The first phase of construction of biotechnological complex "Nanolek", begun five months ago in the village of Levinta Orichevskogo district of the Kirov region RUSNANO project company. As part of the initial phase of the project Deputy Prime Minister Georgi Kirov region Machekhin visited the construction site and handed the CEO of the company, "Nanolek" Mikhail Nekrasov respite certificate.

Under construction company will provide full life cycle development and production of pharmaceuticals for the treatment of socially significant diseases of the modern world such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, multiple sclerosis, as well as drugs for the prevention of infectious diseases, including HIV. The output is planned for late 2014.

  • Layout biotechnology complex "NANOlek"
  • Layout biotechnology complex "NANOlek"

Layout biotechnology complex "NANOlek"


Levinta were chosen because there are all the necessary infrastructure remaining from the Soviet era, when the military were working in Levice microbiologists, including the necessary protection zone of 300 to 500 meters. There is also a related science, that should solve the problem with the staff.

It is planned that the "Nanolek" will become one of the central enterprises created on the initiative of the governor of the Kirov region Nikita White biopharmaceutical cluster.

"As part of the project is carried out effective cooperation with the regional authorities. All current work issues are resolved promptly. We expect that in the coming years, the company will create about 400 jobs, "- said during the event, the general director of" Nanolek "Mikhail Nekrasov.

It is planned that in the matter training of highly qualified personnel for the company will be taking part Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs.


Patronage of the Governor of the Kirov region certificate is a document that confirms the special status of the projects of private investors, corresponding to the priority areas of socio-economic development of the region.
The certificate gives the right to receive state support to private investors in the form of grants in order to recover part of the costs:
the payment of interest rates on private investors, credit, and to the payment of lease payments, including the initial payment for the lease agreement;
on training (training) of staff;
for design work on the creation of transport and (or) physical infrastructure;
for the services provided by heat, water and electricity supply company.

The company "Nanolek" — a rapidly growing innovative biotech company. "Nanolek" in cooperation with RUSNANO implement a project for the construction of modern biotechnology complex in Kirov region.
The priority of the company is the development and production of pharmaceutical and biotechnology products, including those based on nanotechnology and nanomaterials.

Products of the project:
ointments and gels based organogel;
drugs with improved by adding silicon nanocarriers.


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