In the Kirovograd region Velta company has started its second turn of ilmenite Mining

In p. Korobchino Kirovograd region today, July 30, 2013, the grand opening of facilities for the second phase of construction of mine for the extraction and processing of ilmenite ore PKF "Velta". Thus, the construction work at the mine, which lasted from the beginning of 2011, fully completed, the press service of the company.

Commissioning of new facilities would increase the number of jobs in the mine by 25% and power — from 185 thousand tons to 300 thousand tons of ilmenite concentrate. "Thus, after reaching full production capacity GOK" Welt "will provide 2% of the world production of ilmenite, as planned," — said General Director of "Welt" Andrew Brodsky at the opening ceremony of the second phase.

The second phase of mine consists of a body and the gravity of the reconstructed site finishing.

The total investment in the first and second phase of construction was more than $ 122 million, of which $ 107 million are credit funds "Prominvestbanka." The cost of the second phase of construction is 10.5 million.

About 25% of loan funds had been spent on modernization of production. In particular, GOK "Welt" entered the world with the use of technology pastovymi thickener. This method will reduce the consumption of water production and significantly reduce the amount of recycled water that is displayed outside of the company. Innovation, which cost the company six million dollars., Will work at the GOK in the fall of 2013

Ilmenite (Ti-hematite) — class mineral oxides and hydroxides, oxides of species of corundum-ilmenite. Titanium oxide with a significant content of iron, magnesium and manganese layered structure. Got its name from Ilmenskie mountains in the Urals. Valuable ore to produce titanium.

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