In the Kizlyar district of Dagestan construction, one of Europe’s largest fisheries

In 2010, investors s.Rechnom Kizlyar district of the northern capital has laid a commemorative capsule in the foundation of a unique enterprise — the first in the north of Dagestan superzavoda breeding pond fish of valuable species. What did we do in a year?

Functions contractor took over the Dagestani company LLC "Gorska construction company."

At the site allotted for the plant (as long as it is only 11 hectares of land, but soon another 40 hectares will be in the use of investors), it built two huge hangar — the so-called production workshops, which will store the cages, and dug a diversion channel through which water will flow into the ponds. Recent already outlined under construction near the production areas. It is said that there will be a cascade of ponds with a total water table more than 20 hectares.

"Problems with land acquisition for investment sites in the region is not, — said the head of the construction progress of the Kizlyar district Andrey Vinogradov. — We have vacant land, thermal and medicinal springs. By the way, one investor was interested in the healing spring in the village of Kordonovka. "

The first phase of the project with. River plan to complete by the end of this year. In the near future the necessary equipment will be purchased for planting. Speaking generally on the project, they provided the production of sturgeon carcasses and 500 tons of caviar and 25 tons per year. Basically divorce will Siberian sturgeon, which is considered to be the most productive of his squad. Obtained from the eggs of Siberian sturgeon fry will be grown in indoor pools, heated thermal water, then to achieve a certain mass of juveniles transferred to outdoor pools and bring to commercial status, and even from the fish will be produced caviar. Both products — and the carcasses and eggs — will go on sale. All machining cycles are closed, environmentally friendly and energy efficient, but also — as automated as will be the most modern technology and equipment.

The same process chain is provided for young fish of Caspian sturgeon, which will go on the reproduction of biological resources of the Caspian Sea, has suffered enormous damage at the hands of poachers in the post-perestroika period. Every year plan to grow and produce in the Caspian Sea up to 3 million fry.

The initiator and investor of the project is OOO "Amsar" from St. Petersburg. The main co-investor advocates of trade and economic representative of RD in St. Petersburg Ghazi Gazimagomedov. Investment and lending support to the project will be to implement the St. Petersburg Commercial Bank Ltd. "NevaStroyInvest." Officially, the plant will be called "full-system Dagestan industrial fish breeding pond." The total investment is about 600 million rubles. Already at this stage, according to Vinogradov, mastered about 200 million rubles. First income investors expect next year. Annual production is estimated turnover will reach several billion rubles.

Fisheries engaged in the development of the project FSI "National Institute of lake-river fisheries." During its century-old history of the Institute, brings a wealth of experience. That he belongs to developing the most advanced technologies of the industrial fish farming. According to the Institute’s projects were built ultra-modern production hatcheries in China and Finland. The plant in s.Rechnom become one of the largest in Europe.

"The average technical staff of the plant is planned to recruit from the local community who will be trained in Finland. In the future, there are plans to further develop the business, in particular, the construction of lines for the cooling and freezing of fish, "- said the curator of the investment Daud Magomedov.

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