In the Kola Bay, rescuers began training the Northern Fleet

Specialists of the search and rescue (UPASR) of the Northern Fleet in conjunction with a crew rescue ship "Michael Rudnicki," started working out of action to assist emergency submarines using deep-sea rescue vehicle AC-36.

Trainings are held in the Kola Bay. At a depth of about 50 meters crew AC-36 should plant a device on the coaming-site booth layout of the submarine. Not all at once obtained, but with every dive action specialists are becoming more confident and clearer.

Training program also provides for the implementation of a complex underwater work, including search and examination of various objects, cable and power lines running along the bottom.

Deep crew training unit AC-36 will be completed by a joint decision of tasks with operators standing armed Office search and rescue operations remotely controlled unmanned underwater vehicles "Venom" and "Tiger."

All this is preparation for a large-scale teaching force search and rescue support of the Northern Fleet, which will take place in the Barents Sea. It will assist military rescue the crew of ’emergency’ submarine and to practice the elements of saving her crew.

It should be noted that in this case will be made actual rise of submariners from a depth of approximately 100 meters to the surface with the help of rescue apparatus AS-34 and AS-36.

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