In the Komi being built and reconstructed barn a total capacity of 4 900 heads of


Prior to 2011, in the Republic of Komi was administered only one or two farms a year, and now farmers have become much more active in the construction and reconstruction.

The reconstruction of the barn for 200 head of LLC "Agrovid" (Pechora), worth $ 21 million. Subsidies amounted to 9.7 million rubles. 

Preparing for the commissioning of the 400 cows on a farm in LLC "Nursery" (p. Nebdino, Kortkerosski district). It only remains to complete the improvement works. The total cost of the project amounted to about 120 million rubles. During the years 2011-2012, in addition to other subsidies, agricultural enterprises of the national budget has provided 30 million rubles for the construction.

Erected a building on 100 goals and planned interior finishing work in the barn, LLC "Nivshera" (Kortkerosski district). The project is estimated at 28 million rubles. In two years, agricultural companies received subsidies from the state budget of $ 6.7 million.

In the reconstruction stage is the farm for 200 heads of LLC "clock", worth 13.5 million rubles. The amount of subsidies for the construction for the years 2011-2012 was 3.2 million.

"All the farms are being built and reconstructed on a new modern technology. On the roof is installed svetoventilyatsionny special horse, by which noticeably improves the atmosphere in the room, so completely solved the problem of excessive humidity and gas concentration. On farms installed energy-saving equipment, which significantly reduces the cost of production and ensures the quality of milk produced, — Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Komi Peter Khorobrykh — this year we decided to give subsidy on a competitive selection process. That is, if before the producers received funds from the budget in the order of priority of applications, now the special committee on the Ministry of Agriculture of the RK point system selects the most well-developed and effective projects. For grants in 2012 was the winner of four organizations: LLC "Agroresource" SEC "Istok", LLC "Kuratovo" and the SEC "Visherskii." Another four organizations — "Northern Niva", LLC "Koygorodok" SEC "Pomozdino" and the SEC "Pozheg" have the right to participate in the second stage of the competition in 2013. "



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