In the Komi commissioned a new plant for the production of wood pellets

On the enterprise "PechoraEnergoResurs" specializing in logging and wood processing, have commissioned a new plant for the production of wood pellets. Production facilities are located in the Trinity-Pechora region of the Republic of Komi.

This month, experts have finished all the work on commissioning of equipment in a small shop granulation, and to date has released the first 15 tons of wood pellets. When running at full capacity of small granulation plant will produce about 2.5 tons per hour. Fully operational in the production of pellets can after work in the shop sawmill. This workshop will be a major portion of the preparation of raw materials for granulation. After a full run of the shop, raw materials will be issued certification tests on the quality of products, and only then be able to go to mainstream consumers in foreign countries. To date, have already signed contracts for the supply of products.

The opened production is the first stage of the investment sold priority programs in the forests of the Republic of Komi, the completion of its planned in the 4th quarter of this year, the commissioning of the planned facilities for this project.

By late summer, the company expects to finish a number of works by pouring the foundation for the construction of objects of the second phase of the program, in particular, the finished goods warehouse, drying tunnel, periodic kilns. In addition, plans to significantly increase the area of the boiler room and a large granulation lines, which can produce about 8 tons of pellets every hour.

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