In the Komi developing regional forest fires Center

Creating fire-chemical stations has significantly increased the effectiveness of the fight against forest fires. This is the director of the Komi regional forest fire center Vladimir Drobakhin.

The first three fire-chemical stations (PHS) III type opened in late 2011 in Udorski, Trinity-Pechora and Kortkerosski areas before the start of the current forest fire season, earned two more in the PHS Knyazhpogostsky and Koigorodskiy areas.

"Due to the occurrence of PHS, as well as the recruitment of new paratroopers and marines in 2013 increased the total number of forest fire service, enabling us to work more efficiently and serve up more fires than ever before. Indicator of this is the more rapid quenching of fires. Example, in 2010 year, when there was a strong forest fires, the proportion of extinguished fires for the first and second day after the discovery of 32 per cent, in this (2013) year — 68 percent, "- said Vladimir Drobakhin.

According to him, if in 2010 in forest protection was not a single bulldozer, all the heavy equipment on fire with difficulty looking at third-party companies, today at the center of forest fire 18 of its bulldozers and 9 trawls, which promptly advance to the location of the fire and extinguish complex fires that can not be put out with hand tools. 

According to the Committee of forests, each armed with chemical fire station is about 15 units. This bulldozers, ATVs, tractors, vehicles, support the load, and special vehicles. Special equipment purchased for co-financing under the agreement between the Government of the Komi Republic and the Federal Forestry Agency.

"Understanding the importance of strengthening the forest fire service, we are dedicated to continuing to work with the FFA, the more important the organization of this interaction gives the head of Komi Vyacheslav Gaiser. Through his personal involvement of the republic in 2011, was the only region that was allowed to independently determine the composition of the technology for PHS, given our climate and its use in forest operations. Also, after the 2011 season was the first in our region who have been listed on the payment of federal subsidies for hiring equipment and people to extinguish fires. Republic is interested in taking comprehensive measures to ensure maximum safety forest fire "- said the director of the Center Vladimir Drobakhin forest fire.

*** According to the data of the Komi regional forest fire center, today forest fire situation is stable. At 12:00 on July 12 in the Komi were only two fires on an area of 3.5 hectares, is one of them, an area of 1.5 hectares, is localized. Both fires will be eliminated today. Since the beginning of the season recorded 210 fires on the total area of 7158 hectares.

Fire-chemical plant type III units are GAU RK "Komi regional center for forest fires," organized at the forest areas with increased wildfire hazard, the presence of potential sources of fire and a network of ground and waterways to ensure delivery of ground forces and fire fighting agents to sites of occurrence fires.

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