In the Komi launched a new 220 kV Ukhta — Mikun

OAO "UES FGC" has launched a new line of 220 kV Ukhta — Mikun, which is the first portion of the overhead line 220 kV Pechora GRES — Ukhta — Mikun — one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Republic of Komi.

Through the construction of the line length of 252.8 km 775 set of poles, wires mounted 252.8 km and 264 km of fiber-optic communication lines (fiber optic). It has also been remodeled open distribution system (OS) 220 kV substation Mikun full replacement of equipment of 220 kV.

In the second phase of the project the construction of the line Pechora GRES — Ukhta — Mikun will be constructed plot line Pechora GRES — Ukhta length of 294 kilometers with an extension of 220 kV on the Pechora GRES. The track is the second strand will cross the Pechora River, which relates to the construction of this category of projects of high complexity. Through the Pechora be erected special transmission power line length of 2.5 km. The works are planned in 2016.

The total length of the transmission line 220 kV Pechora GRES — Ukhta — Mikun reach 547 km.

As a result of work performed will increase the reliability of electricity supply to consumers of the Central and Southern power units Komi, Arkhangelsk region Kotlassky energy system reliability and electricity transit in the Arkhangelsk grid. There will also be provided with the issuance of additional capacity to the Pechora GRES of 200 MW.

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