In the Komi recreate forest reindeer

The results of the implementation of the target program "Development of the Komi reindeer herding in the 2011-2015".

 The deputy head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Eduard Bloch, said that the production of reindeer meat in organizations has increased in comparison with 2011 by 12.6%, the same figure for January 100 deer — by 6.5%. Implementation of meat for slaughter increased by 25.3%, as increased safety and adult cattle and calves out of business.

Significant role, he said, was played by the state — the government’s decision in the region will not only direct the development of the industry 64.3 million from the state budget, but also to attract 16.5 million rubles from the federal budget.

Director of IBC "Reindeer" Sergei Pasynkov reported that the target program has given a powerful impetus to the development led them to the enterprise, which now no arrears of wages, taxes and utility bills. It has also helped to increase the average wage herders now make 18 thousand rubles.

President of the Association of Komi herders Leonid Bezumov said that the traditional reindeer herding in the region gradually degenerates. One of the reasons — industrial land development, diminishing the area of grazing deer. In addition, despite growing up wages, young people still consider the work of reindeer undervalued and poorly paid, and working conditions — heavy. For the same reasons, the reindeer do not have enough livestock specialists and veterinarians.

Leonid Bezumov said that in the Komi need to create the conditions for commercial reindeer herding. The availability of modern slaughterhouses and deer farms, he said, would create a base for processing of the endocrine glands, blood, deer and its components. This will require new equipment and personnel — managers and technologists — but in the end income from this activity will be much higher than from the sale of reindeer meat. In addition, according to Bezumova, the country needs to develop recycling of secondary raw materials.

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