In the Komi Republic, opened the largest in the Northwest nursery

Performance nursery on the unique Finnish technology is up to four million seedlings a year. The opening ceremony of the second phase of mechanized forest nursery "Mondi Syktyvkar" for growing seedlings with closed root system took place on 21 September in the village of Vizinga Sysolskiy district.

As pointed out in his welcoming remarks, the director of the factory Gerhard Kornfeld, another step in the implementation of reforestation programs. "For ourselves, we are planning to outdo plan for reforestation and sustainable development. Mondi — a long-term partner, and therefore we will continue to take care of the forests, " — G.Kornfeld said.

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Head of the Committee of Komi Forests Vasily Osipov, in turn, noted that the trends in the forestry sector in the world are going to transition to the cultivation of forests is of seedlings with closed root system. "The Republic of Komi follows this trend is largely due to the position occupied by the" Mondi Syktyvkar "- he stressed.

Next CEO of the plant and the head of the committee of forests cut the symbolic red ribbon, after which the guests a tour of the kennel conducted by the director of a subsidiary "Mondi Syktyvkar" Company "New Forest" Radomir Kulikov.

The first object which caught the guests was the technological department, which on special equipment is cleaned and mixed with fertilizers peat. The delegation then moved to a nearby shop, where a tester seeds are planted in the form.

The head of the district administration Sysolskiy Maltsev was actively interested in the process and concerned for local entrepreneurs — can afford to be so seedlings. R.Kulikov official assured that when you exit the kennel at planned capacity of four million seedlings will be the price for them is quite acceptable. Also, the attention of the delegation presented a number of venues for young seedlings and hardening of the greenhouse in which they are grown at the desired temperature and watering regime.

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