In the Krasnodar region opened a modern cattle complex in growing pigs

September 14. Ltd. "divisibility" opens in Art. Kalinin plant breeding and breeding pigs for breeding. The complex is designed for 3,200 sows with a single loading skotomest 40,000 and an annual production of 60,000 head. In the short time since the importation of livestock here already received nearly 40,000 pigs. With access to the full capacity of the average annual production of meat was five and a half tons.

Investments — 1.4 billion rubles., Of which 1.1 billion rubles. — Agricultural Bank loan. The current production capacity of the company — 80 000 pigs per year in 2012 due to new plants may be increased to 100,000.

The enterprise unprecedented security measures. To get inside the complex, the need to wear protective clothing, as well as leave in the visitors record when the last time an employee or visitor in contact with animals and, above all, the pigs. This is done in order to avoid falling into the pig infections, and especially swine fever.

Opening the meeting, the governor said that the opening of such an enterprise — this is a significant event not only for the Kalinin district, but the entire Kuban.

— This is not just a new pig farm — is in the full sense of the advanced technologies center of animal husbandry. At the level of the best farms in Denmark.

The enterprise will be all for the complete cycle of production — farm for breeding and fattening own feed mill, industrial refrigerators.

— It is essential that European technology gated content can virtually eliminate the risk of swine fever, — said the governor. — That’s it for the last few years strangles Kuban pig.

Also, Alexander Tkachev said that the company employs many young people who are proud to be working on their land for the benefit of the Kuban.

According to the governor, in the years before the edge of the task — to reach 100 per cent of the Kuban modernization of pig production. Only in this way it will be truly modern, strong and competitive.

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