In the Krasnodar region shipped a large consignment of equipment Thonar

January 10, 2012 in Krasnodar shipped the second biggest party equipment consisting of dump trucks Thonar-6528 (16 cubic m.) With trailers Thonar-85792 (16 cu. Meters).


In November, the same customer was delivered the first batch of trains, in the Thonar tractor-semi-trailer Tonar 6428-95234 (37 cu m., 4 axis). The technique is used for the transport of gravel, and during the autumn, harvesting attracted to transport sugar beet.

Economic indicators such as fuel consumption and operating costs related to the volume of transported cargo, the customer completely satisfied. Service station is also located nearby, in the city of Ust-labinsk.

Machine Building Plant "Tonar" (Moscow reg.) Was founded in 1991.
Today, "Tonar" — a rapidly growing plant, employing up to 692 people and an area of about 15 hectares.

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