In the Krasnodar region started the production of juvenile sturgeon

In the Krasnodar region started to produce young starlet LLC "Dinskoy hatchery", located in the area of art. Plastunovskoy Dinskoy area. The planned volume of production — 340 thousand. Sturgeon and 150 thousand pieces. Russian sturgeon. Release of fish produced in the Krasnodar Reservoir from the hamlet of Lenin.

In June 2012 Achuevsky Grivenskaya sturgeon and plants produced in the basin of the Azov Sea 3.5 million pieces of juvenile Russian sturgeon and sturgeon.

In May-June 2012 issue of juveniles produced roach and perch spawning and rearing farms of the region. A total of Beysugskim spawning and rearing cattle and Yeiskoe experimental farm for the breeding and cultivation of fish released into natural water more than 4.9 billion semi-migratory fish.

In 2012, the companies involved in the reproduction of the Black Sea salmon are produced 50,000 pieces yearling Black Sea salmon, but work on the reproduction of fish in the Black Sea in 2012 has not yet been completed.

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