In the Krasnodar Territory are the teachings of the Southern Army Aviation

Military District

In the Krasnodar Territory are the teachings of Army Aviation Southern Military District. In the exercise for the first time participated entire squadron "Alligator" — the latest Ka-52 helicopters. Machines entered the air base just three months ago, and now pilots show they have mastered the new technique.

The latest attack helicopters, has only recently went on duty, landfill near Krasnodar attacked by several groups. Come in pairs at the target and shoot simultaneously.

Immediately an entire squadron of attack helicopters Ka-52 performs common tasks. Here, in the south, these modern machines are learning to use large groups. Massed in fact effective. Pilots work out new tactics that are only available Ka-52.

Attack helicopters are built on the so-called "coaxial" — when the tail rotor is not, but just two carriers — do only in Russia. The Ka-52 is a unique device: steady, compact, with the latest radars and sensors. Dangerous weapon.

According to legend, the exercise enemy attacks. Dozens of tanks and armored vehicles. Our wing has to destroy them with a single blow. The Ka-52 is a virtue. One "Alligator" (this is the official nickname of the helicopter) destructive than five Mi-24. The meeting with the squadron could be fatal to the whole army.

"The helicopter is designed to destroy enemy personnel as well as armored vehicles. Further we will continue to prepare flight crews for this type of helicopter," — said the commander of the 393rd Air Base Army Air Ryafagat Habibullin.

Now the pilots are learning to operate in any weather. The Ka-52 can fight at night. Particular attention is paid to work in a group.

"When flying near a group — Helicopter your friend. So, doing some maneuvers, should not only think about yourself — about who is next. But efficiency is higher. Denser fire. This is the best helicopter on which I flew" — helicopter squadron commander says Eugene Sukhodolskiy.

After several passes over ground vehicles return to base their re-equip missiles. Repeated firing. In the Southern Military District, embracing new helicopters as intense.

393rd Air Base, which is now practicing "Alligators" — with a long history. Its commander, and many of the officers on the various tasks in counter-terrorist operations. A new technique they waited a long time. Now they have one.

— Combat mission fulfilled. Learning objective destroyed.

Some parameters Ka-52 is still classified. The military did not reveal everything. Much remains behind the scenes. Detailed specifications, weapons, even the exact number is not known. But these helicopters in the Army exactly every year it becomes more.

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