In the Krasnodar Territory created the country’s largest interagency dispatch center GLONASS monitoring of transport

Regional interagency dispatch center (RMDTS) of Krasnodar Region has 12 units and more than a thousand vehicles. While special sensors installed on the GLONASS 2,500 units: 100 cars "Ambulance", more than 1,000 passengers and more than 1,000 school buses. In the future, the center will connect the power to the system of monitoring all passenger transport in the region, translated into modern technology the whole system of traffic management, and improve the safety of passengers.

The project started three years ago. The project customer is the Department of Transport of the Krasnodar Territory, the executor — the company RNT. RMDTS transport monitoring system and the Krasnodar Territory is based on the technology of the GLONASS and "AutoTracker" (GLONASS / GPS monitoring and control of transport).

The main requirement for the Centre were ample opportunities for managing and motion graphics, and accounting features of passenger transport in a large region with a high load on the transportation infrastructure.

For residents

Currently being tested in pilot mode operation of information on-line scoreboard at stopping points in Krasnodar. Through these RMDTS scoreboard clock will inform passengers about the actual plot of the movement of urban transport and the time of arrival.

One minute before the arrival of his bus number appears on the display stop. Prediction made taking into account factors such as the actual speed of traffic, stopping at traffic lights, delays in "traffic jams" and others. Now, coming to a stop, and when he saw did not go to the right bus, the passenger can easily prepare, and if necessary — to reschedule the trip.

For schools

To manage the school transport has developed specialized monitoring subsystem. It allows you to organize a multi-level operational control of school transport from the school, the structures of Ministry of Education and local authorities.

Thus, the control center of the school in real time is complete data on each school bus. The regional control room of the Education Department of the Krasnodar Territory receives information about transport all schools in the district and city dispatch — on buses, in the zone of responsibility. This is useful to quickly connect response service, as well as to obtain objective information about each school bus. Mandatory part of the solution "School buses" is a "panic button", instantly transmitting the dispatcher information about the dangerous situation.


As the Executive Director of "Russian Navigation Technologies" Ivan Nechayev, in PHT receives requests from other regions of the Russian Federation with a request to present the experience of the project Kuban to its application for himself, "I am confident that created in the Krasnodar region of strong regional interagency dispatch center transport monitoring opens a new page in the development and this major transportation hub, and the transport infrastructure of the South of Russia. I have no doubt in the fact that this system would be a convincing demonstration of the level of Russian Technologies "

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