In the Krasnodar Territory is open delivery and acceptance point for pumping oil to refineries Afipsky

In the village of Afipsky Seversky district opened a delivery and acceptance point through which the hydrocarbon feedstock is pumped to the refinery "Afipsky".

As part of the reconstruction project cap, were built by looping two main oil pipelines — "Hadyzhensk-Krasnodar" and "Crimean-Krasnodar", the productive capacity of each — 2.5 million tons of oil a year.

The project also been upgraded stations along the route of oil to the plant, installed modern equipment in NPS "Psekupskaya" LPS "Hadyjensk" LPS "Crimean" and other sites.

Construction of CAP was carried out in a large scale project, whose mission — to increase the capacity of the main pipelines of "AK" Transneft ". As well as increasing the supply of hydrocarbons to Afipsky refineries.


Until recently, the oil is pumped to the plant through the old CAP, whose power is not allowed to pass large volumes. Moreover, the oil came on a single branch by switching from one to the other main oil pipeline. The main volume overloaded by rail, which led to a rise in the cost of the product cost.

The new PSP is equipped with innovative equipment can automatically measure and tonnage of oil supplies, and its quality. Also on the new delivery and acceptance point security measures are built tanks emergency relief.

At the factory, in total, will be pumped annually about 5 million tons of oil. Large-scale projects have been achieved in a relatively short period of time. The result was the most modern industrial facility that meets all the requirements of industrial and environmental safety. With regard to transport branches for transportation of raw materials to the factory, one of them is already running, a second start in early September. Reduce the load on the railways.

With the construction of main oil pipelines of JSC "Chernomortransneft" acted as a customer. Construction of CAP was conducted as part of the agency contract, that is, of "Chernomortransneft" acted as the technical customer-scale construction projects.

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