In the Krasnoyarsk Polytechnic pool opens after renovation

After an extensive renovation, re-opens the Siberian Federal University Sports Complex.

Sports complex "Polytechnic" operated without major repairs for 40 years. In 2011 it was decided to upgrade sports facilities SFU and reconstruct one of the oldest Krasnoyarsk pools. The budget has been allocated SFU 104 million rubles. In the end, is the only one in the October district of Krasnoyarsk pool, got a new water treatment system and has become one of the best such facilities in Siberia. There have also been renovated and re-equipped gyms for gaming disciplines, aerobics, gym, treatment rooms and changing rooms. Installed a climbing wall. In addition to the joint efforts of the administration of Krasnoyarsk was ennobled neighborhood. Updated Stadium is visited by 1,200 people, including 800 students.

This integrated approach to the overhaul, with the support of the city authorities, will be applied to other sports facilities SFU: a sports complex with a swimming pool (AC High school, 5 A at an estimated cost of 75 million rubles.), A gymnasium for team sports (etc. Free 82, Building 4, at an estimated cost of 30 million rubles.), gym Institute of Physical Education and Sport (Project Free 79 B, the estimated cost of 8 million rubles.).

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