In the Krasnoyarsk region appeared mobile systems for the diagnosis of cancer

This equipment is unique. In Russia, only three of the complex, two of them will work in our region. They will be able to travel to the most remote villages and to detect cancer in its earliest stages.


These trailers are made of a material which is used in aircraft. They are durable and can operate even in the far north. Within each of the high voltage generator, which means that they will work where there is no electricity. But the main thing — the equipment complexes. With it, any citizen of the edge can make a computer or magnetic resonance imaging. Such mobile systems in Russia only three — one in Khakassia, two — in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. They were purchased from the private investors for the Research Institute of Medical Problems of the North. The cost of the complexes — 130 million rubles.

OLGA CHARLES, deputy-governor, vice-chairman EDGE: "Today, what is interesting in this technique that professionals, faculty can sit in Krasnoyarsk, where only the operator, that is, the kind of person who works well with the research and technology transfer can relevant information, where an on-line are people and can say to explain to advise, to do something, to answer the question and the person in-line may seek such advice. "

On the day of examination can take up to 100 people. But the main thing — such a diagnosis can detect cancer in early stages. Thus, with the help of these complexes have a real opportunity not only to improve the situation on the identification of cancer in the province, but also to treat cancer patients. Field research in remote areas will be scheduled once every three months.

OLGA MELCHUKOVA, senior researcher MEDICAL PROBLEMS OF THE NORTH: "Our method is minimally invasive, it is easily tolerated by patients, that is, it is a simple blood sample to the laboratory study, and the patient does not need to go FGS before."

And this is a presentation of the methods of diagnosis. One can detect early gastric cancer, other — lung. Here — the new ways of treating patients with bleeding and production design unique ceramics. All of this is designed and maintained by scientists Krasnoyarsk Regional Scientific Foundation.

ANDREW Modesto, chief physician of the edges of the Oncology Center, "Foundation edge science in the form of grant support integrates the intellectual, financial, and technical resources in order to support not only a talented individual scientists, but also the whole research teams, not only medical, but also for the introduction of technical development technologies for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of various diseases, including cancer. "

Development of Krasnoyarsk scientists today supports the Government of the region. And the means to implement them is ready to put a business. The emergence of mobile systems for example. Along with the new methods of diagnosis, these complexes will make health care more affordable residents of the region. A Cancer Center, currently under construction at the present time, should be a key link in the development of cancer care services in the region.

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