In the Krasnoyarsk region (Astrakhan region) entered the second stage of breeding complex

Ltd. "Kartubinskoe" Krasnoyarsk region will now deliver twice as much milk: here yesterday commissioned a second breeding complex, equipped with the latest technology. Industry veterans say happily go back to his home farm, where now everything is automated. Governor Alexander Zhilkin states: the development of dairy farming in the region will continue.

The project is the construction of dairy facilities in the village of Upper Buzan was launched in 2009 under the branch target program "Development of dairy cattle and milk production increase in the Astrakhan region", invested 139 million rubles, including 76.5 million rubles — this budget. The project involved the construction of two buildings, equipping them with modern equipment, the acquisition of a highly productive breeding stock. First of all — 200 cows — Introduced last year, the result — about 900 tons of milk per year.

The complex includes: the barn, milking unit, a laboratory for artificial insemination, domestic premises.

"Go to, to work in a beauty — Governor admitted veterans of the industry — the main livestock enterprises Amin Nugmanova and veterinary Sazhida Kanatova — all on the button, cleanliness, order, you can walk in the shoes."

"Just two years ago, there was a vacant lot — told reporters Governor Alexander Zhilkin — so I thank the farmers for what they agreed to take on this project, even though we all ventured, now I see: the work is going, people are burning eyes, and it is only the beginning. " About how hard work of workers in the industry, the head of the region knows from experience. "As a child I did milked cows, helped the mother," — said Alexander Jilkin.

According to the Governor of the workers’ Kartubinskogo "gained in Slovakia cattle livestock plus new technologies already provide a high return, if earlier in the productivity of four tonnes of milk per cow per year was considered a good result, but now it has increased to 5.2 tons, and in the future -10-12 tons.

According to the Governor, soon Astrakhan dairy industry will be able to make infant formula. "This level of development of the industry here in the Astrakhan region has not been — said the Governor.

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