In the Krasnoyarsk region began construction of pig heads at 230,000

Under the Krasnoyarsk began construction of the pig farm "Krasnoyarsk". Pig Farm, designed for the maintenance of more than 213 thousand pigs, is being built in the area Bolshemurtinsky region (100 km from Krasnoyarsk). The Executive Director of JSC "Siberian Agrarian Group" engaged in construction, Ruslan Guriev said that every year pig farm will produce up to 24 thousand tons of meat in live weight. Investment in the project is estimated at 5.5 billion rubles.

It is planned that the production will consist of two reproductive farms, designed to contain 9.6 million sows, one farm fattening and one station of artificial insemination.
Leasing of the first phase is scheduled for 2014, reaching full capacity — by 2015.

According to the regional government, at present the production of meat products in the province accounts for only 50% of the actual consumption of the population. Pork production covers the needs of 28%. 

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