In the Krasnoyarsk region commissioned Zheleznogorskaya CHP

Zheleznogorskaya CHP, built to replace the capacity of the nuclear reactor was put into commercial operation. Construction of TPP was carried out in the framework of the Russian-American government cease production of weapons-grade plutonium at Zheleznogorsk ADE-2 reactor.

CHP capacity is 116 MW and 573 Gcal per hour. The total cost of the project exceeds $ 400 million. "Commissioning carried the entire heating season of 2011-2012, in May, they have been successfully completed. The station was integrated acceptance testing with RTN, in July this year, permission was granted for the facility to operate ", — says Andrey Semenov, General Director of JSC" NIKIMT-Atomstroy ", which is the contractor of the CHP.

In September 2012 obtained a license to operate ZHTETS. According to the approved balance sheet Zheleznogorsk thermal energy during the heating season 2012-2013, ZHTETS gives the power of 280 Gcal / h to a temperature of minus 17 degrees Celsius outside air as much as gave ADE-2 reactor. At temperatures below minus 17 degrees Celsius heat sources will connect the first boiler MCC.

The decision to build ZHTETS was adopted in 1996, but work did not begin until ten years later. The station will provide the energy within Zheleznogorsk replacement of retired nuclear power reactor which was stopped in April 2010.

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