In the Krasnoyarsk region fell sharply export of unprocessed timber

Of the Krasnoyarsk region have become less export of unprocessed timber. About the trend today told the head of the Krasnoyarsk Customs Sergey Sanakoev.

According to him, "If two years ago the export of unprocessed timber was nearly 100%, now raw wood take out at least half of the total." Thus, the processing of the forest in the past year occurred mostly in the province, and not in other regions.

A total of Krasnoyarsk Territory exports of goods in 2012, 5 million 770 thousand tons, valued at 5.6 billion rubles. The share of all wood products accounted for about 12%.

Add that to the whole of the province the amount of export transactions is 3 times more than imports (77%). The main products exported goods are non-ferrous metals, wood and inorganic chemicals.

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