In the Krasnoyarsk region of 10% decreased mortality on roads due to medical care en-route points

Last year on the roads of the Krasnoyarsk region appeared five points en-route emergency medical care. Locations chosen not anyhow — items stood there, where over the past few years have seen the highest accident rate. Results of the points from the beginning of 2011, doctors encouraged — the number of deaths in road accidents has decreased, and the quality and speed of care have increased significantly.


Opening of the first paragraph piste emergency medical care in the Krasnoyarsk regional traffic police in 2009 has provided the regional Ministry of Health data on accidents on the roads edge. The analysis was conducted on the basis of statistics from 2005 to 2008. As a result, in the most dangerous areas, it was decided to establish five points en-route emergency medical care: in just three months since the beginning of last year, they appeared in the Yenisei, Balahtinskoj, Kozulskoy, Yemelyanovsky and Mansky areas. For everything authorities have spent more than 11 million rubles. This amount was included and the purchase of five ambulances.

— Thoughts put points before, of course, was — says the Deputy Medical Director of Territorial Emergency Medicine Center Alexander Kazeev. — Moreover, this project is not new. In our country, in some subjects they already have, so it does not know how.

However, w similar items become the first in the Krasnoyarsk region — before medical aid to the victims on the tracks provided in hospitals, depending on the area. In this case, the affected service carried out free medical transport emergency care departments of the same institutions or passing transport. Of course, in cases where a life hangs in the balance and the account goes on a minute, this has often led to tragic consequences: death and complications of the patients.

— Now, people do not expect the arrival of an ambulance from a nearby village — said Kase. — After an ambulance in these settlements, by and large, does not serve the route, it caters to the settlement where there are mothers, where there are patients in serious condition. And when an accident occurs, the ambulance is not always free.
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At this point the trace points provide around the clock medical assistance to victims of road traffic accidents in its area of responsibility, as well as emergency care yourself to seek help. Only five points in the state of 26 paramedics and 26 nurses.

— Paramedics work, usually by day three, — says the schedule Kazeev. — The staff of medical institutions located in nearby towns.

Once a month a special team toured the trace points, in order to replenish the stock of medicines and supplies. In addition, the items often come with a check.

— It is very encouraging that there are people who are suffering soul for a common cause, which not only think about how to work your shift, but also how to organize the work of less experienced colleagues to help them directly on the site, support in difficult situations — happy Boris Nemik Deputy Minister of Health Region.

In total, the state of the five paragraphs 26 and 26 paramedics sanitarovShema work of physicians is simple: for two minutes after receiving the signal of an accident they are required to visit the area. They are required to get a maximum of 20 minutes, but according to statistics obtained no more than 15 minutes, said Kase. "Thus abide by the rules of the" golden hour "delivery victims to hospitals for specialized care," — emphasizes Nemik.


Since the beginning of the year to May 1, in the presence of doctors-route points reported only two fatal cases.

— This is not a clinic of new technologies, which he invents a method of treating diseases — says Kase. — For our revolutionary component — the approach of care to the accident scene to the place of the victim. Here’s what else is important — now we’re taking a person in a special machine. Previously often road users themselves transported road accident victims in the hospital. And they acted out of good intentions. But they could not provide proper transportation, proper mobilization, which led to complications.

Staff-route points function as not only operational road healers. The number of self-seeking assistance of people from nearby towns and large. Most often, doctors have to deal with cardiovascular diseases, injuries, bites and burns. Not quite appreciate the new items and the traffic police.

— According to our information, the trace points rather demand — said a senior traffic police inspector to promote Krasnoyarsk Galina Kruglov. — Just a couple of days ago via Krasnoyarsk drove the rally participants’ Killed roads "that move from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. The participants pointed out that nowhere in the East did not see similar items. By the way, it is important that medical assistants work there from areas that have a great experience — they often provide even better care physicians narrow specializations.

Speaking about the results, then, for example, in the Yenisei area of medical transportation transported to hospital patients has doubled in Mansky — by 61% in Kozulskoy — by 55% compared with the first half of 2009. 10% decreased mortality on roads.

— Creation of en-route medical service in the Krasnoyarsk region closer emergency medical assistance directly to the site of the event, reducing the time of arrival of ambulance crews to the victims gave, all road medical care during the journey — sums up Nemik.

Will there be any extra edge on the slopes of the items depends on the statistics of road accidents. If data for the next period will show that the numbers on a given area have changed for the worse, perhaps, believes Alexander Kazeev, and there will be created a point to provide emergency medical care.

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