In the Krasnoyarsk region opened another FLC

July 30, the Sharypovo the opening of a fitness center (FOC) "Siberia", timed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the city.

Fitness center was built as part of regional departmental target program "Development of physical culture and sports in the Krasnoyarsk Territory in 2011-2013.".

In Fox will have two gyms: universal game room of 27.0 x 45.0 m, where you can play football, volleyball, basketball, rugby and other sports. For viewers equipped stands at 200 people. The second hall — fitness — an area 12.0 x6, 0 m

The entrance to the complex is equipped with a ramp and handrails along the walls are fixed to the movement of visitors with disabilities.

On the basis of the sports facility is expected to open an office football with the amount involved 120 people, martial arts — 224 people. Also, there will be lessons kindergarten children.

FOC will conduct educational and training sessions for students of Youth Football, boxing, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling for the students was eight.

After commissioning is planned to move from the regional center in Sharypovo holding championships edge among young men in boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, the zonal competitions edge of the western zone of the School sports league.

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