In the Krasnoyarsk region opened Tekhnotsentr assembly Italian dryers

The province, on the basis of Agroholding "Sangilen +" opened Tekhnotsentr assembly production of grain dryers "Agreks" (Italy). This was announced by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Policy Leonid Shorohov edge.

"Over the past years, this is not the first case in agriculture, where marginal company decides to do assembly business. LLC" Agroselhoztehnika "Kansk assembles the Forage Equipment manufactured in Belarus. OAO" Nazarovoagrosnab "- a technique factory" Rostselmash. "Experience of companies showed that this kind of business in the region has a future.

For us, as for the authorities, a new player in this market is significant. The central challenge that confronts us with Governor Lev Kuznetsov — is to increase the competitiveness of our products, which is not possible without reducing the cost. In turn, the cost reduction is not possible without the advent of new technologies in agriculture, without modern machinery, "- said Shorohov.

Realizing this, the regional authorities paid great attention to the renewal agrotechnopark. Annually allocates a substantial amount of subsidies to our farmers. Just this year, for the purchase and repair of equipment in the regional budgeted about 550 million rubles. And improving the legal framework, there are new areas of state.

As the CEO "Sangilen +" Roman Goldman, opening Techno Center would not be possible if it were not prepared boundary Ministry of Agriculture and the deputies amendments to the Law of the Krasnoyarsk Territory "On state support of agricultural subjects." According to these changes purchase of machinery and equipment assembled at the edge area will be subsidized by 50%.

Because of this farmers will be able to buy the equipment of leading manufacturers, reduction of the assembly in place, virtually half price. Do not forget that this is the emergence of new jobs and orders to local manufacturers to produce a set of spare parts (at least 30% of the components will be produced in Russia), and additional taxes to the region "- reminded Roman Goldman.

Already, the company has received applications to build 14-dryers for household region. Appliances will be collected during the month. Then the rhythm of production will depend on demand. Power Tekhnotsentr "Agreks-Sangilen +" allow you to collect on a drier day.

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