In the Krasnoyarsk regional perinatal center open cabinet


Our doctors care of newborns and premature babies began to conduct surveillance of children in the study catamnesis, the press service of the Ministry of Health.

In the Krasnoyarsk regional perinatal center catamnesis office work is organized on the basis of regional children’s hospital, and interacts with all the specialized units of institutions, with the departments of Krasnoyarsk Medical University as well as with medical institutions cities and districts of the region.

Work Cabinet catamnesis aimed at preventing a variety of chronic diseases associated with congenital and perinatal pathology, early diagnosis of these diseases, as well as the elimination of obstacles to the normal growth and development of children.  

On the observation to the professional get children with a body weight preterm infants less than 1.5 kg., Intrauterine growth rebenka3-4 degree of bronchopulmonary dysplasia in infants, severe brain damage, as well as with intrauterine infection in preterm infants.

The objectives of specialists study catamnesis are dynamic monitoring of premature babies, a complex of medical and rehabilitation measures, the development of comprehensive programs for individual treatment and rehabilitative measures for rehabilitation, as well as the promotion and support of breastfeeding as an important component in the process of nursing the "problem" children.

At the reception office for advice catamnesis can register and nonresident women with children. On examination the patient is given exactly one hour. After examination of the child my mother give a detailed statement with the diagnosis and recommendations for further evaluation and treatment, which she is entitled to transfer pediatrician in the clinic in the community.

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