In the Krasnoyarsk Territory apply advanced methods of treatment

Residents of Krasnoyarsk Territory became available a revolutionary technique for treatment of resistant hypertension. August 10 Regional Clinical Hospital invasive surgical procedure for the first time had renal denervation (nerve blocks renal artery) for patients with uncontrolled hypertension.

In the Russian Federation, such operations have been started only in the early summer of 2012 (a few operations in Moscow and St. Petersburg).

Regional Clinical Hospital doctors operated on four patients with this pathology. Thus, Krasnoyarsk specialists were among the first in Russia who can perform this unique manipulation. Patients underwent surgery well, on Monday they may already be discharged from the hospital.

Krasnoyarsk Regional Hospital — one of the leading Russian clinics, known for unique operations that conduct its experts.

Renal denervation technique is designed to help people who are unable to cope with hypertension with medication and diet. Denervation helps to control high blood pressure by degradation (destruction) of the nerve fibers situated in the wall of the renal arteries. With the destruction of only a small portion of the nerve endings, the kidneys are deprived of nervous regulation. The procedure allows to eliminate excessive activity, making controlled hypertension.

For this treatment uses radio frequency catheter is inserted through a puncture in the femoral artery. Then the catheter is performed under X-ray control in renal artery. Through the tip of the catheter radiofrequency energy is metered by a circle of 4-5 points renal arteries. This takes approximately 40 minutes, whereupon the catheter is removed.


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