In the Krasnoyarsk Territory completed tunneling work Mansky rail tunnel

In the Krasnoyarsk Territory completed tunneling work Mansky railway tunnel. Specialists "Tunnel squad number 18" took about one and a half years to pave a rocky foothills of Sayan tunnel length of about 2.5 km.

Construction of the new Mana tunnel began in 2005. The first two years took a preparatory stage. In 2007-2010 was built freight culvert. In October 2011, work began on the construction of a new tunnel length of 2464.8 m

The new tunnel builders are ready to be put into operation in June 2014.

The tunnel is of strategic importance for the development of rail transport in the south during the Krasnoyarsk Railway. The construction of a new tunnel near the old site to Mezhdurechensk — Tayshet is an important part of the program of "Russian Railways" to arrange double-track the movement and increase the capacity of the southern highway travel. 

Road capacity Abakan-Taishet increase eightfold. Previously, the movement in this location Trans-Siberian Railway was held on one track — in a nearby tunnel, trains had to wait several hours. Excavation was carried out in difficult geological conditions — in the rocky soil, having a coefficient of rock strength of f = 16 and f = 20 (maximum scale Protodjakonova). In average Tunnel complex took place about 10 meters per month — about two hundred. Despite the harsh conditions of penetration, sboyka tunnel completed with pinpoint accuracy — deviations from the planned route were recorded.

There has yet to be work on the device ballastless track structure, communications, contact network. Also, builders must complete the construction of the railway approaches to the tunnel and the permanent lining sboek between the tunnel and galleries. Instead of human niches in the tunnel will develop a continuous passage for staff.

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